Trademark & Service Mark Law

Major-Morris Law can help you with the identification, creation, protection and exploitation of your trademarks, trade names and service marks.

Major-Morris Law performs comprehensive trademark searches, federal and state trademark registration services, federal and state trademark prosecution, trademark monitoring, trademark licensing, trademark defense, trademark assignments, post registration maintenance filings, trademark opposition and trademark enforcement services.

Major-Morris Law develops exclusive and non-exclusive licensing strategies to support brand partnerships, product placement, charitable sponsorship deals, and celebrity endorsement deals.

Creation of New Trademarks, Trade Names, and Service Marks

In the United States, trademarks, trade names and service marks are acquired by common law usage and/or by the registration of marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Federally registered marks are protected throughout the United States. Most states also have trademark laws that provide for the protection of local trademarks. It should be noted that state trademark registration protections are limited to that state. International trademark protection requires the assistance of counsel in the territories where protection is sought. Some territories that allow trademarks, trade names and service marks to be registered in numerous nations under one application. Other territories require separate applications for each country.