Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Secret Protection

By working with you to implement comprehensive intellectual property protection programs early, by the timely filing of registration applications in the countries in which you do business, and by crafting appropriate agreements for use with employees, independent contractors, and third party technology developers, we help to ensure that you protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property. You can look to us to help with the registration of your trademarks to protect your brands and products, and for counsel regarding your copyright, trademark, and trade secret licenses and other business contracts that relate to intellectual property. You can rely upon us for strategic thinking and experienced perspective during the acquisition or sale of any such intellectual property.

Our attorneys can help you:

Identify Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Existing Copyrights, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets.

You can’t protect it if you don’t know what you’ve got. We offer intellectual property audits to assist you with brand identification and the protection of proprietary information. Whether you’re unsure of what your intellectual property consists of, or are concerned that they your intellectual property isn’t protected, we are here to help you. We will help you identify creative content and common law trademarks, submit copyright and trademark registrations, adhere to trademark maintenance requirements to avoid abandonment, draft the necessary of internal agreements to protect and secure intellectual property assets acquired through independent contractors and employees.

Regular intellectual property audits as part of the business’s management serve two key functions. The first is to properly manage the risks associated with owning intellectual property assets. This requires the company to determine which of its properties are being used by third parties without authorization and which third party properties the company may be using without proper authorization. The second area of the audit can be more rewarding, where the focus is on the unexploited and under-exploited property owned by the company. A thorough audit should help corporate managers identify new opportunities to monetize assets the company is already aware of. Through this process, a company can build its intellectual property portfolio and strategies for increased profits.